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Monitor & Control  ...  for  ...  People & Things


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Building machines since the 1940s, programing computers since the 1960s,
I now build computer systems to monitor and control people & things - 
offices,  factories,  warehouses, instruments and processes.


People used to understand and work on their cars - but no longer.
people today know even less about what is inside their computers. 
Read the short intro about computers - where they came from and what they are.

1 - Read more at: Thinking,Talking,Computing


2 -   METHODOLOGY Bee Team Software -
 After many years and large projects, I now build using coordinated small tasks. I call them worker bees. By tracking activity and events, They are dispatched by a QUEEN to perform tasks anywhere on your computer or network.


3 -   EXAMPLES   from some real projects I have done:

Factories:                                                                                                                         Warehouses:



4 -   ABOUT ME  - my history, tech info, resumé  


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