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Like fish in the ocean,
        we swim in a vast sea of information. 
Like fish discovering water,
        only now are we becoming aware of this sea.

That awareness is called consciousness.
     It will carry us deep into the waters of thought itself. 

Soon we will meet intelligence beyond our own.
    But it will come, not from the stars,
        It will come from us.



1 - Research  Thinking, Talking, Computing

Long ago, I worked on the first supercomputer.
At first I thought computers were only for numbers,
Then I was given the task of writing a parser.

What’s a parser? I asked. 
Parsers recognize words, I was told.
And from there, the story leads into . . .
the deep space between thought and language.

There I keep encountering the question:
How can a two year old talk?

<< Here is Ada, the first true computer programmer. She was one of the first to realize that such a machine could manipulate any symbols, not merely numbers !! Now we process: numbers & words, photos & music,  language & speech.



2 - DevelopmentBee Team Software
After many years of building large complex projects, I simplified, and now build using coordinated small tasks. I use terminology from the BeeHive so non computer people can understand what is going on.

The BeeHive is a platform that coordinates tasks across your network. Just like your operating system [Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc] organizes work inside your computer, the BeeHive organizes work across your network. Tasks = worker bees, run aywhere the Queen sends them.


3 - Past Projects -  EXAMPLES   - two from various real projects I have done:

Factories:                                                                                                                         Warehouses:




4 -   ABOUT ME  - my history, tech info, resumé cv 

Antelope Flats at sunrise:


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