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Monitor & Control    for    People & Things


Indy using the Map Room in the movie
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Building machines since the 1940s, Computer systems since the 1960s,
I now build systems that monitor and control people & things - 
offices,  factories,  warehouses, instruments, traffic and processes.


  - - What I do - I build Control Systems, sometimes called Monitor & Control Systems

       Beginning from people on foot, horses, skates and clipboards in the past,

       Now using computers, networks, iphones and ipads today,

        to communicate and control work via dispatchers, schedulers, networks and messages


 - - Current Systems under development - think small - bees  and berries!! 


              The Bee Team 

              - after 60+ years of experience,

                                     I don’t build large complex unreliable programs anymore.

                                            Instead, I build systems of coordinated small programs - bees !!.

                                                   Bees - busy bees - workers and queens - The Bee Team


               The Platform - Berries !!

                   - A network of supercomputers, desktops, laptops and even berries !! 

                                        - Raspberry Pi computers - Berries !!


 - -  Real project EXAMPLES:

Activity made visible - on the floor AND in the front office:

Factories:                                                                                                                         Warehouses:



   - - My Research = Nature makes assemblies:

Just as nature assembles particles into atoms, 

nature also assembles information into structures 

  - some simple data units, some structures, some procedures, some passive and some static

       - but some quite active and changing --

The area I am most interested in is:

                          Symbolic Structures =   atoms, molecules, cells, organisms

                                                                    tokens, symbols, memes, scenarios

                                                                        procedures, structures, languages 

                                                                             complex organisms, communities, civilizations


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