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Monitor & Control  ...  for  ...  People & Things


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Building machines since the 1940s, programing computers since the 1960s,
I now build computer systems to monitor and control people & things - 
offices,  factories,  warehouses, instruments and processes.


Our universe is full of processes - procedures

Some processes come from nature:
stars make atoms, atoms make molecules, cells and us - you and me.

Other processes come from us:
children make sentences, mothers bake cookies, factories make cars. 

All of us can do some procedures:
most children learn to make sentences, some do arithmetic, then calculus.

Other procedures require more work and experience.

Starting about age 8 in my father’s machine shop after WWII, I swept floors,  
Then built machines by learning from the experience of others. 
From there I went to physics and then computing. ...


1 -   METHODOLOGY Bee Team Software -
 After many years and large projects, I now build using coordinated small tasks. I call them worker bees. By tracking activity and events, They are dispatched by a QUEEN to perform tasks anywhere on your computer or network.


2 -   EXAMPLES   of real projects I have done:

Factories:                                                                                                                         Warehouses:



3 -   RESEARCH : Looking for clues - about Thinking, Talking, Computing

We know now about concrete machines, both out in nature and that we build ourselves. 
But what about the Abstract Machines, procedures in our heads and speech ?: 

We have some clues now, about the connection between thinking, talking and computing.
 Clues such as speech pathologies like aphasia.  One clue?
Sometimes the same illness shows up in speech and sign language ?!
Are there others? Is there more? Can we understand what the clues mean?


4 -   ABOUT ME


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