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Thinking Talking Computing

There are more connections in our heads than stars in the Milky Way Galaxy!!

All things by immortal power, 
Near and Far 
To each other linked are, 
That thou canst not stir a flower 
Without troubling of a star.
                           —  Francis Thompson


I have been gathering tools since the 1940s,
first as a boy growing up in a machine shop,
then as physics led me into supercomputing in the 1960s, 
next building operating systems, languages, databases, networks.

Now we will use these tools and gather more from
math, biology, sociology, even linguistics and music.

Our goal is to build a simulator to study how we think.


Our simulator - work in progress:

Our simulator is built of networks and queues. It is different from most.

Rather than focus only on the activity of the links between nodes,
we will make the nodes programmable, consisting of queues with servers.

    . . . more to come  . . .


Some history and tools:

1 - Research  Thinking, Talking, Computing 

ThinkingMan Rodin

Long ago, I worked on the first supercomputer.
At first I thought computers were only for numbers,
Then I was given the task of writing a parser.


What’s a parser? I asked. 
Parsers recognize words, I was told.
And from there, the story leads into . . .
the deep space between thought and language.

There I keep encountering the question:

How can a two year old talk?


2 - Models  - Modelling, measuring, controlling the real world by simulation - work in progress


Here we will investigate things that move:

  - humans
  - traffic
  - work in factories and warehouses
 - programs in computers


3 - BeeTeam Software - Systems Software

I create systems software
     invisible programs hidden inside your computer
like operating systems, networks, databases, languages  . . .

Systems software
     makes concrete things like chips and wires, zeros and ones,
        into abstract things that you use : 
             like email, spreadsheets and web browsers, . . .


4 - Projects -  EXAMPLES   - two from various real projects I have done:

Factories:                                                                                                                         Warehouses:




5 -   ABOUT ME  - my history, tech info, resumé cv 

Antelope Flats at sunrise:


CONTACT: Gareth Harris,  email: garethharris@mac.com.

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