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Monitor & Control     -     Simpler is better.


Indy using the Map Room in the movie

I create system software,
the magic you cannot see,
behind your screen,
deep inside your computer.

Building machines since the 1940s, Computer systems since the 1960s,
I now mainly build software that tracks and controls things - 
offices, factories, warehouses, scientific instrument systems.




————— Bees       - - -                       The Bee Team

                             - after 60+ years of experience,
                                     I don’t build large complex unreliable programs anymore.
                                            Instead, I build systems of coordinated small programs.
                                                   I call them bees - busy bees - workers and queens - The Bee Team

————— Berrys - Raspberry Pi computers - now so small and cheap you can put them anywhere

                                           you can control your work and processes using big computers

                                                    or PCs, Macs, Linux even on Raspberry Pi computers or any mix

                                                             With python programs running bee team software 

                                                                       [note: python actually delivers what java only promised …

                                                                                   it really does run on all computers and networks. ]


————— Examples:

Activity made visible - on the floor AND in the front office:

Factories:                                                                                                                         Warehouses:



—————  Research

                           This is my area of research, from simple elements of computing, all the way to languages

                                         … more to come ...


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