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Indy in the Map Room

Monitor and Control Systems

Lessons I have learned:

  1. Simpler is better.

  2. Use the simplest solution - not the most complex.

  3. Do the minimum to get the job done - not the maximum.

  4. If a feature is not absolutely necessary - eliminate it.

  5. The most profitable feature of any product is quality. 

I built hundreds of computer programs over the last 50+ years, from system software, down inside your computer where you don't see it, to single user programs like those found in your iPhone or desktop.

Today I focus on modelling and control. Just like Indy in the Map Room above, many of us construct a model of our activities to help us plan and control our daily lives. There is lots of good technology available but the key to success is experience in designing and building. You may give me a hammer and chisel but that won't make me Michaelangelo. As Albert Einstein said: "The only source of knowledge is experience."

Invisible machine models inside computers can actually connect to and control the real world they model. here are displays from a couple of projects, 1 -  a CNC machine with work in progress, loaded with input and output parts in magazines and 2 - warehouse flow planning in action showing shipped, received and onhand stock.


I also have other web sites that focusing on particular topics:

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I no longer build big, complicated programs. Instead, I use coordinated small, simple programs. For example, the Bee Team platform uses small programs, worker bees, that are coordinated by a queen bee program collecting their data for analysis. Read more:


Work Planning and Tracking - people avoid it, won't do it, or get it wrong.

But NOW:  - No manual data entry.  - Minimal workflow interruption.


 1 - QR codes are cheap. Print all you want. 

    2 - Scanners are cheap. iPods can do it.

       3 - The process is automatic:
                     Scan, Beep, You're done !!

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I also have a site discussing our new emerging world view in the 21st century. From the intro:

In this journey to a new worldview, our appeal will not be to authorities of the past, magic or the supernatural, but to what nature herself has to show us. This is a journey of fading gods and changing worldviews - of mileposts and shores left behind - a journey not for the faint hearted. As Christopher Columbus said:

"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

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