Bee Team Software

is my name for a software design I have developed over the last 50-60 years. Rather than large complex programs that give so much trouble, I now use coordinated small programs which I call worker bees, hence Bee Team Software. These smaller parts enable better modularity, unit testing and development.


The Bee Team

The BeeTeam operates under the control of a QUEEN. The Queen is a central program suite written in a portable programming language called Python, which is found on all platforms and networks running MS Windows, UNIX, Mac, Linux, IBM AS400s, etc. Besides dekstops and laptops, a typical worker Bee such as the ScanBeep scanner app runs on iPods, iPhones and iPads.

For example, Here's how it works in a time tracking application: 


Bees collect pollen. Our pollen is data such as quick response barcodes - qrcodes. Qrcodes are cheap. Any printer can make them. They are printed on labels or paper - sometimes along with instructions, and placed anywhere they are needed. You can scan them from inches, feet or even across the street like this billboard !! >>>.
Scan, beep, you're done!


Bees are mobile. For example, the ScanBeep app runs on iPods, iPhones and iPads and scans qrcodes from printed labels. These scanner bees go wherever they are needed - with an employee, or attached to a machine, door, truck or even a part, assembly or document. ScanBeep gathers the information with a scanner, tags it with an ID and  timestamp - then sends it to the Quen’s hive to store in a database called the event log. The data may be sent to the queen over your local network, or sent via email or collected when a worker returns to base.


Data is stored in the Queen’s event log. I call it Pollen. The event log is stored in the central hive by the queen. Because the data is raw, any form of information may be stored in it - data for factories, warehouses, scientific labs, small or large businesses or schools.

Pollen is converted into honey. Once the data is collected, information may be extracted from it and placed in databases, reports, accounting systems, etc. Different conversion programs may be used for different applications, ranging from employee and task time tracking - to inventory tallying - to data collection out in the field, etc. 

Incoming data - new events in the event log - may also trigger new tasks - such as dispatching a worker by the Queen.


The Queen: (Wow, looks tough, doesn't she? If Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!):

The Queen's program suite resides on a computer on your local network.

Queen is actually a suite of related programs:
 - a task dispatcher, sending out worker bees
 - a transport platform which collects raw data from the bees, and
 - pairs of information encoding/decoding programs listening to and dispatching workers.
 - a rule processor to evaluate events and trigger new tasks and responses



We will call our data honey.
It is used to monitor and control your organization. 
Because it costs to collect and is indispensible in making decisions,
Never underestimate the value of your honey!

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