2017-01-18 09:49:44 - rewriting, work in progress


Indy in the Map Room

A model shouldn't just sit there looking pretty. It should be capable of controlling the process that it represents. I call these Control Models. A Control Model presents a pictorial representation of what is actually happening out in the real world - to which it connects - just like the model in the map room used by Indy in the movie.

For example, The factory and warehouse at right were real projects.:
The factory example displays live status of a machine making parts, with simple green-yellow-red indicators, while the warehouse example displays live inventory across time. 

Simple pictorial graphics like these instead of screens full of numbers facilitate recognition of status and problems - increasing productivity, stability and safety.

My models are built on a platform called Discrete Event Modeling. It is the timing foundation underneath Bee Team Software.

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