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IndyStaff of Ra776x330

In the movie Raiders, Indy used a model of the ancient city Tanis to search for the lost ark.

Besides in the movies, Models can also be built inside computers, where they simulate actions. 
The actions can then be observed and measured, even controlled when connected to the real world.

For example:
You might model a warehouse, moving goods off trucks into storage, then retrieving orders and shipping.
You might model grocery store checkout lanes, or bank tellers, or factory workstations.

One type of model I use is called DES - for discrete event simulation.
In this method, we define processes and events, move them on queues and measure them as events happen.

Events are things like starts and stops, arrrivals and departures, moving things around, etc.
By clocking these events trough time, either real simulated, we can tally up all the motions and changes - 

Using models, we can get a picture of what will happen.

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