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Nature makes Assemblies

Just as nature assemblies particles into atoms, 

nature also assembles information into structures 

  - some simple data, some structures, some procedures, some passive and static

       - but some quite active and changing --

The area I am most interested in is:

                          Symbolic Structures =   atoms, molecules, cells, organisms

                                                                    tokens, symbols, memes, scenarios

                                                                        procedures, structures, languages 

                                                                             complex organisms, communities, civilizations

Just like the physical universe always leads back to atoms and their parts,

Information research always comes back to simple computing mechanisms - automata


Information parts like tokens, symbols, words, combinations like memes and scenarios

are found in the No Man’s Land at the intersection of Math, physics, computer science, biology & linguistics

I think the key to the difference between us and our closest cousins the bonobos may be found in some simple mechanism such as regular expressions like we use to abbreviate and match words in UNIX, see: Regex, grep, etc. 

- a regular expression matches one symbol to many, for example:

   abc matches only abc,

    but abc* matches:



        abccc            etc.

going from one simple symbol to many or even a class of symbols using a simple mechanism

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