Thinking, Talking, Computing

Our computers are simple machines made of wires and chips. They are fast, doing billions of operations per second. Fortunately these operations are similar to numbers so we can do useful things like accounting, spacecraft orbits, cellphones and GPS.

Our brains are complex networks of billlions of living cells, passing waves of pulses back and forth - across more connections than there are stars in the MilkyWay galaxy. Although we know where a few functions are located: speech, sight and motor control, we have no idea how they work - yet.

Our brain’s neurons are slow, taking milliseconds to fire and recover. Our computers are a million times faster, doing billions of operations per second. 

Our computers perform arithmetic,
  but our brains seem to be built on pattern recognition instead.


A quick survey to orient ourselves:

1 - A History of Computing

2 - What’s in the Box?

3 - Programming

4 - Thinking

5 - Talking

6 - Computing


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