Thinking, Talking, Computing

Our Computers are made of wires and chips.
  They perform billions of operations per second, but are capable only of extremely simplified arithmetic.  
      Every thing we do on computers - math, text, images, music, networks - is built on simple numbers.

Our Brains are made of cells, mostly neurons. Neurons are slow - firing and recovering takes many milliseconds BUT there are 80 billion neurons in your head, with trilllions of connections - more connections in your head than stars in the Milky Way galaxy.
                             Our brains don't use arithmetic. They are built on pattern matching instead. 

Our brains are amazing supercomputers.
How do brains work? We don't know, yet.


A quick survey to orient ourselves:

1 - A History of Computing

2 - What’s in the Box?

3 - Programming

4 - Thinking

5 - Talking

6 - Computing


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