When we think, we manipulate symbols and images in our heads.

We program our brains and then use the programs.

A program might be how to catch a ball,
    or how to locate water,
       not necessarily something abstract like adding two numbers.


Programming our brain is called thinking.

Language is not thought. Thought is more basic.

It is probably built of elementary symbols or images,
    starting with external objects or actions:

        mamma, daddy, yes, no, drink, eat, run, stop, hot, hurt,   . . .

Then symbols are combined, leading to phrases in language.:

 But, before thinking in sentences, we visualize:

   We visualize catching and throwing a ball, for example - without saying it.

   Is it after an experience that we attempt to encode it into symbols or words?

      It was after touching the stove that I learned the word hot!

 . . . more coming . . . 

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