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Oddly enough, we know little about thinking 
We will investigate that more, here:


Sometimes we talk to ourselves, and maybe listen. We do know language is not thought. Thought is more basic, lower level. We can think about throwing a ball, for example, without using words.

Thought is probably built of elementary symbols or images,
    starting with external objects or actions, like:

        mamma, daddy, yes, no, drink, eat, run, stop, hot, hurt,   . . .

Then symbols are combined, leading to phrases, sometimes memes:

 But, before thinking in sentences, we also visualize - things and scenes:

   We visualize catching and throwing a ball, for example - without saying it.

   Is it after an experience that we attempt to encode it into symbols or words?

      It was after touching the stove as a little boy that I learned the word hot!

When we think, we manipulate symbols and images in our heads.

We program our brains and then use the programs.

A program is not necessarily something abstract like adding two numbers.

  It might be how to catch a ball, or how to locate water.

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